TN 12 (06-10)

RM 03818.014 Closing Resolved Cases

Follow these steps after all the necessary adjustments have been made to the earnings records and any incorrect cross-references removed. If scrambled earnings exist, refer to RM 03816.016 through RM 03816.021 for proper instructions.

When an individual using an incorrect SSN submitted an SS-5 and no scrambled earnings are involved:

  • Forward the SS-5 to servicing FO.

  • Put the following information on the Processing Center Action Control System (PCACS), see MSOM PCACS 009.005 for proper coding instructions or the Modernized Development Worksheet see MSOM MDW 001.001 for proper coding instructions.

  • Assign a new SSN.

  • No earnings problem exists.

  • Prepare letters in accordance with the instructions in RM 03803.071.

  • Close the case and destroy all file material.

  • Complete the Form 3857 in accordance with RM 03818.030 and RM 03818.031.

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