RM 03844.000 Processing Earnings Discrepancy Cases

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RM 03844.006Reviewing Initial Field Office Development of Earnings Discrepancy CasesTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.009Making Direct Telephone Calls to Redevelop Certain Earnings Discrepancy CasesTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.012Types of Wage EvidenceTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.018Reviewing EvidenceTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.020Processing Scrambled Earnings Discrepancy CasesTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.024Processing Cases in Which the FO Has Submitted Additional Information About an Employer ReportTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.036Processing Cases in Which Wages Have Been Reported But Not Processed Because of Barred Periods or Non-Covered EmploymentTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.038Removing Tips Where Amounts of Less Than $20 Are Shown on Employer ReportsTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.045Processing Coverage CasesTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.047Referring Coverage Cases to the Office of Income Security Programs (OISP)TN 11 09-87
RM 03844.060Preparing Coverage or Wage Issue Determination on Form SSA-553, Special DeterminationTN 11 09-87
RM 03844.063Preparing and Releasing Forms SSA-7010 U5TN 11 09-87

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