RM 03846.000 Processing Self-Employment Earnings Discrepancy Cases

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RM 03846.001Self-Employment Income-GeneralTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.003Authorities and Guides on Self-Employment CoverageTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.005Explanation of SE Symbol (Letter) Entries on the Earnings RecordTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.010Processing Self-Employment Discrepancy CasesTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.012Allocating Quarters of Coverage in Fiscal Year ReportingsTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.013Resolving “TL” (Time Limitation) PostingsTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.015Determining Status Where a Person Alleges All or Part of the SEI Reported Belongs to Someone ElseTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.017Determining Status Where a Person Alleges Erroneously Reported Earnings from Employment as SEITN 11 09-87
RM 03846.019Determining if Multiple or Duplicate SE Reports Have Been AdjustedTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.020Reviewing Self-Employment Cases Returned by Field OfficesTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.022Closing Self-Employment Cases Returned by the Field OfficesTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.027Processing Control Copies of Letters Requesting the Filing of Tax ReturnsTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.030Preparing Forms SSA-7000 U5, Notice of Determination of Self-EmploymentTN 11 09-87
RM 03846.035Preparing Forms SSA-7000 U5 to Establish or Adjust Self-Employment Income When Amount(s) Will be Increased to the Next Higher DollarTN 11 09-87

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