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RM 05101.001 General Information

  1. A. 

    Because of the special nonpayment provisions applicable, Title II beneficiaries and Title XVI recipients are required to notify the Social Security Administration if they leave the United States. Although most do carry out this obligation, there are some who leave the country without notifying SSA and continue to receive their checks at U.S. addresses.

  2. B. 

    Since aliens leaving the country must apply to the Immigration and Naturalization Service for reentry permits, SSA has requested the I &NS to forward a copy of their application form (Form I-131) so that we can cross-check our payment records to determine (1) whether the individual involved is receiving Title II or XVI benefits and (2) if their benefits should be suspended.

  3. C. 

    This exchange of information provides SSA with the necessary data to carry out it's obligation. The following instructions cover the receipt and disposition of Forms I-131 by SSA.

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RM 05101.001 - General Information - 09/30/1994
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