BASIC (12-83)

RM 05103.022 Keying and Verifying Form SSA-3972

  1. Periodically receive Forms SSA-3972, I-157 Coding Sheet, from the Pre-Claims Branch. They will be in numbered blocks of 50 forms per group. Each block will have a three digit block number shown on the top sheet.

  2. Job “J157” consists of one program level.

  3. The data to be keyed for each field number will correspond with the item number on the code sheet.

  4. Begin the keying and verifying of the data by entering the Job name “J157” and the 3 digit batch number.

  5. Key the Forms SSA-3972 as follows:

1.Social Security
9NKey as shown
2.Record Code1AKey as shown
3.First Name10AKey as shown
1AKey as shown
5.Surname12AKey as shown
6.Double Surname10AKey as shown
7.Alias-First Name10AKey as shown
8.Alias Middle Initial1AKey as shown
9.Alias-Surname12AKey as shown
10.Date of Birth6NKey as shown
11.Sex1AKey as shown
12.Place of Birth2AKey as shown
13.Country Deported to2AKey as shown
6NKey as shown
15.Final Charge Code2NKey as shown
16.DHS File Number8NKey as shown
17.Date Received in OCRO6NKey as shown
  1. At the completion of a batch in entry mode, depress mode “X” and “C” to indicate completion of a batch.

  2. All fields will be verified. After verification of the completed batch, depress mode “X” and “L” to lock the batch.

  3. Release the completed batches of work to control.

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