BASIC (12-83)

RM 05103.025 Outputting Job “J157”

  1. The records for all batches of Job J157 are to be output to a single tape. The command string for outputting Job “J157” has been entered in super, J157. This section also includes the instructions for preparing and writing the header and trailer labels required in the output command string and the subsequent purging of the data written to tape.

  2. Prepare header label as follows:

    1. Select Mode “E” and key the Job name “HDR157”, a comma (,), the digit 1 (one) as the batch number, and then press the skip key.

    2. Key the information for the header label as the prompts appear on the screen. These prompts are:

      1. File ID: SOGONE - This is constant.

      2. Reel No. 001 - This is constant.

      3. DTE/MMYY: Enter the current month and year, e.g., MM = 01-12 as appropriate; YY = two low order positions of year.

    3. The header label is now complete.

  3. Execute the output command string as follows:

    1. Select Mode F and key the job name SUPER, a comma (,), and the batch identifier “J157.” Then depress the skip key twice. This will put you at record number 1.

    2. At Record No. “3” change the batch numbers shown in the $Job J157 command to correspond with the batch numbers that are to be output. Record Back ( ) to Record No. “1.”

    3. Select Mode “T,” key password and then option “M.”

    4. At the second $, pause command (Record Number 7), create the trailer record in accordance with the following instructions.

      1. Select Mode “E” and key the job name “TRL157,” a comma (,), batch number “1” and depress the skip key.

      2. Key “F” for end of file or key “R” for end of reel.

    5. Select Mode “E” and key the job name “SUPER,” a comma (,), and batch identifier “J157.”

    6. Record back ( ) to record number “8,” which is the “SETPP” command.

    7. Select Mode “T,” enter password in response to the message “Type Password” and select “M” as the status option code to continue execution of the command string.

    8. At the completion of the command string, determine if the WWR flags were set for all the batches as follows:

      1. Select Mode “J.”

      2. Key the job name “J157” and then depress the skip key.

      3. Page through the batches of job “J157” to be sure that all batches listed in record number 3 of the output command string contain the WWR flag and that no other batches contain the WWR flag.

  4. Once the tape has been written, prepare the external label as shown on the following sample.

G-RM 05103.025D

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Sub FileBlank
Oper. DateToday's Date (MMDDYY)
Reel No.1 of 1
Control Ident.Blank
Misc. DataFour-Phase
MachineSystem Identification
ClerkConsole Operators Initials
  1. Place the external label on the tape reel, remove the reel and remove the “write ring.” Duplicate the tape on the back-up system.

  2. Prepare in triplicate, a tape transmittal sheet, Form SSA-3738 Tape Transmittal, according to the sample which is found at the end of this section. <