TN 87 (12-23)

RM 10205.060 Applicant for SSN Visits a Non-Servicing Office

Follow this procedure when an applicant visits an office other than their servicing office. If the applicant’s servicing office is a Social Security Card Center (SSCC), they usually must transact all enumeration business with that SSCC. For exceptions, see RM 10201.025A.3.b.

If the applicant...


Comes in with all necessary evidence

  • Take SSNAP application;

  • Print SSNAP printout;

  • Document “attestation” on Verify and Sign screen in SSNAP; and

  • Return evidence to applicant.

Comes in with no evidence, or incomplete evidence

  • Advise the applicant what evidence is needed and provide an SSA-L676, Refusal to Process SSN Application; and

  • Advise the applicant to take or mail all required documents to the servicing office.

If a mandatory interview is not required and if the applicant intends to mail the SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card and original documents, provide an unfranked envelope addressed to the servicing office.

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