TN 7 (12-09)

RM 10205.060 Applicant for SSN Visits a Non-Servicing Office

Follow this procedure when an applicant visits an office other than his or her servicing office. If the applicant’s servicing office is a Social Security Card Center (SSCC), he or she usually must transact all enumeration business with that SSCC. For exceptions, see RM 10201.025A.3.b.

If the applicant...


Comes in with all necessary evidence

  • Take SSNAP application;

  • Print SSNAP printout;

  • Document “attestation” on Verify and Sign screen in SSNAP; and

  • Return evidence to applicant.

Comes in with no evidence, or incomplete evidence

  • Advise the applicant what evidence is needed and provide an SSA-L676, Refusal to Process SSN Application; and

  • Advise him or her to take or mail all required documents to the servicing office.

If a mandatory interview is not required and if the applicant intends to mail the SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card and original documents, provide an unfranked envelope addressed to the servicing office.

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