TN 18 (12-12)

RM 10211.209 Evidence of Asylee Status When Form I-766 (Employment Authorization Document) is Submitted

A. Description of Form I-766 issued to asylees

If an SSN applicant submits an I-766, accept it as evidence of asylee status when the I-766 shows Category "A5", "A05", or "A-5". In the Enumeration System, select "I-766 EAD Card" from the Primary DHS Document menu and "A5 ASYLEE" from the Category list on the "Proof of Legal Alien Status" screen.

NOTE: An I-766 showing Category "C8", "C08", or "C-8" is NOT acceptable evidence of asylee status as it indicates the alien has applied but not yet been granted asylum. For additional policy instructions on an I-766 showing Category “C8”, “C08”, or “C-8” for enumeration purposes, please see RM 10211.205.D.

See Details:

  • Administrative Confidential Memorandum (ACM), exhibit of the I-766

  • RM 10211.420, description of the I-766

  • RM 10211.205D, policy when an applicant has applied for asylum.

B. Verifying asylee status through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) when Form I-766 is Submitted

When taking an SSN application, always verify asylee status by first requesting the SAVE Initial Verification (SAVE IV) through the Enumeration System per RM 10214.110.

1. SAVE IV response verifies asylee status

The SAVE IV response verifies asylee status (i.e., asylum granted) when the response is:

  • "Temporary Employment Authorized", and

  • the I-766 meets the criteria in RM 10211.209A (in this section).

If the SAVE IV response verifies an adjusted Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status, refer to RM 10211.025C.4.

2. SAVE IV response does not verify asylee status

Normal SAVE procedures apply except when the SAVE IV response does not verify asylee status.

If the SAVE IV response does not verify asylee status or the system response field shows “Institute Additional Verification” or "Incomplete", immediately verify asylee status via the Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) case status line per RM 10211.213. Do not wait 10 days after the asylee’s arrival to the U.S. before requesting verification through EOIR.

NOTE: If the EOIR case status line does not clearly verify the asylee status, then request an Additional Verification (AV), please see RM 10214.150.

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