TN 56 (01-22)

GN 00203.008 Interviewing Transgender Individuals

A. Transgender identity

All individuals have a gender identity, which is an internal sense of being either male or female. A transgender individual has a gender identity that is different than the sex identified in his or her original birth certificate.

B. Gender transition

Gender transition is the process by which an individual stops living as his or her sex, as identified at birth, and begins living as his or her self-identified gender. Some transgender individuals seek medical treatment while transitioning (e.g., counseling, hormone therapy, electrolysis, reassignment surgery); however, not all transgender individuals take the same steps as part of their gender transition.

C. Policy for interviewing transgender individuals

Our policy is to provide meaningful access to all of our programs, provide sensitive service to all individuals, and treat them with dignity and respect.

D. Procedure for interviewing transgender individuals

Transgender individuals contact us for all of the same reasons other people do. Follow the interviewing guidelines found in GN 00203.000. During and after any interaction with a transgender individual, be mindful to:

  • Protect the confidentiality of each individual;

  • Always treat the individual with dignity and respect;

  • Ask only questions that are necessary to complete the transaction;

  • When speaking to or calling a person, use the name and pronouns appropriate to the individual’s self-identified gender, even if the person has not changed his or her name or updated his or her records; and

  • Be aware that the individual’s gender transition is a personal matter. Questions or comments regarding a person’s medical treatment and appearance are inappropriate.

E. References

  • GN 00203.000 Interviewing

  • RM 10212.200 Changing Numident Data for Reasons other than Name Change

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