TN 69 (07-23)

GN 00203.070 Medicare Only Beneficiary Notices

SSA sends notices to Medicare-only beneficiaries:

  • Five months prior to the beneficiary attaining age 70 and, whose

  • Beneficiary Identification Code (BIC) is “T”

These notices inform individuals that they are eligible for full retirement benefits even if they are continuing to work, and encourage them to contact SSA to apply for benefits. Beneficiaries will receive a second notice at age 70 and four months if they have not filed an application for retirement benefits.

For a description of written statements that do not meet the requirements for protective filing see GN 00204.010.

A. Responding to benefit inquiries

Take the follow actions below whenever a Medicare only beneficiary inquires about retirement insurance benefits (RIB) because they have received one of the notices in NL 00722.155. Make sure the beneficiary files an application for retirement benefits, and follow the protective filing procedures.

1. Explanation of full retirement benefits

Explain that an insured beneficiary will become entitled to full retirement benefits upon the attainment of full retirement age even if they continue to work (i.e., work and earnings will not affect their ability to receive SSA benefits).

2. Verification of entitlement

Access the appropriate queries (e.g., MBR, MCS, etc.) to determine the status of the individual's entitlement.

3. Protective filings

Establish a protective writing, whenever necessary, based on the date of the inquiry to prevent loss of benefits. Follow the Protective Filing instructions located in GN 00204.010B.

4. Scheduling of appointments

Do not schedule an appointment earlier than the month following the date of the notice in NL 00722.155C. if the individual is making an inquiry concerning their retirement insurance benefit (RIB) and wants their Month of Election (MOEL) effective the month they attain age 70. The system cannot process advance file cases any earlier than four months prior to the MOEL.

In most cases, a claimant who continues to work will not lose any benefits if:

  • they make an appointment,

  • we establish a date of entitlement prior to the month of attainment of age 70, and

  • we place them in work suspense through the month of attaining age 70.

In all other situations, follow routine procedures for scheduling appointments.

B. Claims interview procedure

Take the following actions during the interview:

  • determine protective filing dates,

  • consider retroactivity;

  • consider the effects of delayed retirement credits (DRC), and

  • explain MOEL options so that the claimant may make an informed decision.

C. References

  • GN 00204.000 Applications

  • NL 00722.155 Medicare – Only Beneficiary Notices

  • RS 02501.021 The Earnings Test (ET)

  • MSOM MCS 003.001 The Pre-Interview Process – Overview

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