TN 13 (07-17)

GN 00206.120 Withdrawal (WD) of Title II Disability Claim Filed in the Field Office (FO)

A. Field Office (FO) actions for WD of disability claim

1. When we have not made a determination on the claim

The FO has jurisdiction to approve a WD request for a Disability Insurance benefit (DIB) claim and release a notice to the claimant when we have not made a determination (i.e., before adjudication).

EXCEPTIONS: Forward career railroad cases to Great Lakes Program Service Center-Disability Processing Branch, per DI 11010.262. Forward claims with foreign addresses to the Division of International Operations (DIO), per DI 11010.275.

If you receive a WD request for a claim before the Disability Determination Services (DDS) makes a determination:

  • ensure all the conditions in GN 00206.005 are met and we have considered all of the potential situations in GN 00206.001;

  • process the WD in the FO per GN 00206.011;

  • make a decision to approve or deny the request; and

  • if approved, recall the claim from the DDS and alert them to discontinue development.

NOTE: The file does not require an SSA-831 (Disability Determination and Transmittal) in this situation per DI 11055.090.

2. After we adjudicate the claim

The Office of Disability Operations (ODO) has jurisdiction of a WD request after we adjudicate a DIB claim for claimants under the age of 54. However, WD requests from number holders (NH) age 54 or over, fall under the jurisdiction of the servicing Processing Servicing Center (PSC). To determine the PC or PSC jurisdiction, see DI 11010.280. Route any claim that has a beneficiary with a foreign address to DIO for processing per DI 11010.275.

B. PC actions for WD of a disability claim

Post-entitlement WDs are manually processed actions. Since the system does not automatically post data regarding these WDs on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR), prepare an SSA-831 to document the completed action. For instructions on processing DIB WDs in the ODO and PCs, see DI 40105.005. When handling cases in the PC that involve disability claims, ensure the following:

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