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DI 40105.005 Processing Title II Disability Withdrawals in the Office of Disability Operations/Processing Centers (ODO/PCs)

A. Withdrawal request

In this procedure, the term “processing center” (PC) includes the Office of Disability Operations (ODO), Division of International Operations (DIO), and six other Program Service Centers (PSCs). The PCs Disability Examiner/Disability Processing Specialist (DE/DPS) reviews the request for withdrawal only when the claim has already been effectuated. A DE/DPS must review the case because preparation of a Form SSA-831 (Disability Determination and Transmittal) is required.

If the reason for withdrawal involves a non-disability issue such as computation of benefits, the DE/DPS must solicit technical assistance from the Claims Specialist (CS), an SSA-831 must be prepared if the withdrawal is approved.

The field office (FO) has authority to approve or disapprove a request for withdrawal of a disability claim and release the notice to the claimant when the request for withdrawal is submitted before the claim is adjudicated.

B. Evaluating the request

A valid request for withdrawal must meet the requirements listed in Processing T2 Disability Withdrawals (WD) in the PC GN 00206.005A.

Every withdrawal request must be sufficiently documented. It is the individual’s own personal decision to file a withdrawal.

After review of the withdrawal request, write “Approved,” if acceptable, or “Disapproved,” if unacceptable at the bottom of the request. Also, enter the current date, your signature and section number.

If the case is electronic, print the withdrawal request, write “Approved” or “Disapproved” as indicated above, and fax the annotated document into the “Orange Section” of the electronic folder.

When the request for withdrawal is not on Form SSA-521 (Request for Withdrawal of Application), write “Withdrawal” in red at the top of the request.

In situations where the request for withdrawal does not meet the requirements shown in GN 00206.005A, fax the request to the FO and send a Modernized Development Worksheet (MDW) message; explaining the reason for return, and refer to GN 00206.014.

C. Withdrawal not approved

When the withdrawal request is not approved

  • Explain the reason for the disapproval on the request,

  • Annotate the withdrawal request “Disapproved”, and sign it

  • Print and fax the form into the electronic folder after any annotations and sign-off

  • If benefits are in suspense, prepare Form SSA-559 (Claims Folder/Material Transmittal) to the Benefit Authorizer (BA)/Benefit Technical Examiner (BTE) with instructions to reinstate payment and pay any withheld money. In addition, the CS will provide dictated language that clearly explains the reason for the withdrawal denial.

  • Instruct the BA/BTE to include the dictated language along with reconsideration language, which generates with MADCAP notices.

D. Preparing the SSA-831 withdrawal approved

When the request for withdrawal is approved prepare an SSA-831, complete the following items:

  • In item 22: Enter “T1-615”;

  • In item 34: Indicate “DIB (Freeze) (DWB) (CDB) Application Withdrawn,” as appropriate, and

  • Item 37 and 38: Enter the examiner's signature, section number, SSA code, and the date.

After completing the SSA-831

  • Scan a copy into the “Front Yellow” section of the electronic folder and another into the paperless processing center (PPC).

  • Move the prior SSA-831 into the “Green Section” of the electronic folder and prepare an SSA-559 to the CS with instructions to complete the withdrawal per the directions in GN 00206.120B.

E. See also

  • GN 00206.120 - Withdrawal (WD) of Title II Disability Claim Filed in the Field Office (FO)

  • GN 00206.014 - Processing a Withdrawal (WD) Request made after Adjudication

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