TN 36 (04-12)

GN 00301.140 Determining What Evidence SSA Requires

A. Introduction to evidence requirement

The Claims Representative (CR) or Claims Authorizer (CA) must develop each claim individually to determine what evidence we need to develop all aspects of the claim concurrently. The type of evidence that Social Security Administration (SSA) requires is dependent upon the type of benefits the claimant is requesting and the circumstances of the claim. Thorough planning will reduce the need for additional requests for evidence, recontact with the claimant, and repeat handling of the claims file.

B. What is included in a claims record

Include the following in the claim record.

  • Appropriate application forms with a proper applicant’s signature.

  • Evidence necessary to support an award or disallowance action on the claim (i.e., evidence establishing that all factors of entitlement are met).

  • Evidence to establish someone as the claimant's representative or representative payee, where appropriate.

  • Evidence to supports the benefit amount.

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