TN 42 (11-12)

GN 00301.215 Payment for SSA Purchase of Evidence

A. Policy for payments to purchase evidence

1. Responsibility for payments for purchased evidence

The requesting field office (FO) is responsible for payments to custodians for purchased evidence, except when making the request by using the SSA-562-U3 (Request for Assistance Certification) through offices servicing the custodian. When the parallel FO must make contact with the custodian, the parallel FO will be responsible for payment to the custodian using its own common accounting number (CAN). Make payment for purchased evidence under existing procedures using SSA's third party draft system.

2. Office of International Operations (OIO) procedure for verifying evidence of age

If the Foreign Service Post (FSP) receives an SS-5 (Application for a Social Security Card) from a United States (U.S.) born applicant and OIO must verify evidence of age, the FSP forwards the application to OIO for processing. OIO's enumeration clerks will request a Bureau of Vital Statistics (BVS) verification record from the parallel FO. Charge the verification cost to the parallel FO. Verify evidence of age with the BVS for all U.S. born applicants applying for an original card and in certain situations to change the date of birth on the numident record (See information on the overview of evidence of age for an SS card in RM 10210.250).

B. References

GN 00308.006 - GN 00308.235 Purchases and Fees for State Vital Statistics Records

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