TN 24 (07-04)

GN 00308.068 Ohio Vital Records

A. Process

Divorce records are available from the Clerk of the Court in the county where the divorce took place. The cost of a record varies. Contact information for Clerks of the Court is available here .

Marriage records are available from the probate judge in the county where the license was issued. The cost of a record varies. Contact information for probate courts in Ohio is available here .

Send birth and death records requests to the Health Department at the address shown unless the records are prior to 1909, then send to the Probate Court. The cost of the record varies.

For instructions about verifying birth records of U.S.-born individuals age one or older who apply for an original SSN card or who request a change to the date of birth on the Numident, please see GN 00308.068B.4.

B. Procedure - state sources

1. Address and FO Code

Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 15098
Columbus, OH 43215-0098

FO Code 389

NOTE: You can find more Vital Records information from the Ohio Department of Health . In addition, you can find EIN information here .

2. Cost of Copy:

Birth/death $21.50 (see remarks)

3. Type of Payment:

Check, money order, or third party draft.

4. Remarks:

Send all requests directly to Vital Statistics. Do not go through parallel FO. In hardship cases, send an SSA-L706/SSA-L707 with third party draft and return envelope. Response will take 4-6 weeks. If year of birth is unknown, add $3.00 to the basic fee for each 10 year period to be searched. Make checks payable to “Treasury, State of Ohio”. No records available prior to 1909. Call (614) 466-2531 for general information only.

Certified copies of divorce and marriage records are not available from the State office. An index of these records is available since 1948 and inquiries will be forwarded to the appropriate office.

FO cannot verify, certify or obtain free copy of birth/death records. Do not go through the parallel FO.

Instructions for Verifying Birth Records as Required by RM 10210.250

Social Security offices can now verify the existence of a birth record directly with the Ohio Department of Health as required by RM 10210.250 by using the Electric Verification of Vital Events (EVVE) system. For more information about EVVE, see GN 00302.980.

C. Counties

A directory of local registrars in Ohio is available here .

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