TN 24 (07-04)

GN 00308.076 Rhode Island Vital Records

A. Process

Divorce records are available from the Clerk of the Family Court where the divorce was granted. The cost of copy is $3.00. Marriage, birth and death records are available from the Town Clerk in the town or City Clerk in the city where the event took place for $15.00.

B. Procedure - state sources

1. Address and FO Code

Rhode Island Vital Records
Health Department
Room 101
3 Capital Hill
Providence, RI 02908-5097

FO Code 072

NOTE: You can find the most up-to-date information from the In addition, you can find EIN information here .

2. Cost of Copy:

$15.00 ($20.00 for expedited mail requests).

3. Type of Payment:

Money order or check

4. Remarks:

The State office no longer has an index of divorce records. Divorce records must be requested from the clerk of the Family Court that issued the decree.

Requests for birth certificates for illegitimate children must be accompanied by a consent statement signed by the subject individual (if 18 or over) or by the parent or guardian.

Expedited mail requests are processed within one week. Same day service is available in emergencies only by calling (401) 277-2812 and using a Visa charge card.

Can FO verify, certify or obtain free copy of birth/death record? The FO can electronically verify or certify birth records from 1940 on. The FO can obtain a free copy of birth records prior to 1940, all death records, and all marriage records. The free copy is marked "Non-Certified Copy - for Government Use Only." This copy meets the requirement for a certified copy for SSA purposes. If a copy with a raised seal is required, the FO must write to the address in GN 00308.076B.1. and pay for it.

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