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GN 00312.150 Germany – Vital Statistics Records

A. Procedure – Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

All applicants for birth certificates must provide the following information:

  • Full name at birth (the German name);

  • Date of birth—to avoid misunderstandings spell out the month;

  • Place of birth—including the district;

  • Father's full name; and

  • Mother's full maiden name, if known.

1. Office to Contact

Civil Registry Office (Standesamt) of the place in which the event took place.

Persons born in Berlin must write to the Standesamt of the district in which they were born for birth certificates. See GN 00312.150C. for a list of the Standesamt addresses in Berlin.

2. Fee

  1. Birth and Death Certificates: 7euros for first copy; 3.50 euros for each additional copy

  2. Marriage Certificates: 8.00 euros for each copy

Payment must be by check or money order. For postage, an international postal reply coupon must be submitted. One coupon equals 1.53 euros.

EXCEPTION: There is a fee of 20 euros for requests to the Standesamt Friedrichschain- Kreuzberg von Berlin (cases in which the event took place in Berlin and the district is not known, as explained in GN 00312.150C.). Payment must be by check or money order payable to “Postscheckkonto-Berlin # 58-100.”

B. Procedure – Divorce Records

1. Office to Contact

a. Divorce Granted by a Court in the Former West Berlin


Cicerostr. 2

10709 Berlin

b. Divorce Granted by a Court in the Former East Berlin

District court that granted the divorce:

  1. Amtsgericht Koepenick von Berlin
    Mandrellaplatz 6
    12555 Berlin

  2. Amtsgericht Lichtenberg von Berlin
    Roedellusplatz 1
    10365 Berlin

  3. Amtsgericht Treptow von Berlin
    Rinkartstr. 13
    12437 Berlin

  4. Amtsgericht Pankow/Weissensee von Berlin
    Parkstr. 71
    13086 Berlin

c. All Other Divorces

District Court (Landgericht) of the place that granted the divorce.

2. Fee

No Fee.

C. List of Berlin Standesamts

  1. Standesamt Tiergarten von Berlin
    Kurfuerstenstr. 57
    10785 Berlin

  2. Standesamt Kreuzberg von Berlin
    Mehringdamm 110
    10965 Berlin

  3. Standesamt Wedding von Berlin
    Muellerstr. 146/147
    13353 Berlin

  4. 4.Standesamt Neukoelln von Berlin
    Donaustr. 33/34
    12043 Berlin

  5. Standesamt Charlottenburg von Berlin
    Alt-Lietzow 28
    10587 Berlin

  6. Standesamt Wilmersdorf von Berlin
    Berkaer Platz 1
    14199 Berlin

  7. Standesamt Schoeneberg von Berlin
    John F. Kennedy Platz
    10825 Berlin

  8. Standesamt Steglitz von Berlin
    Goethestr. 9/13
    12207 Berlin

  9. Standesamt Spandau von Berlin
    Carl-Schurz-Str. 2-6
    13597 Berlin

  10. Standesamt Templehof von Berlin
    Templehofer Damm 165/169
    12099 Berlin

  11. Standesamt Zehlendorf von Berlin
    Teltower Damm 10
    14168 Berlin

  12. Standesamt Reinickendorf von Berlin
    Eichborndamm 215-239
    13437 Berlin

  13. Standesamt Mitte von Berlin
    Alexanderplatz 1
    10178 Berlin

  14. Standesamt Prenzlauer Berg von Berlin
    Froebelstr. 17
    0405 Berlin

  15. Standesamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin
    Frankfurter Allee 35/37
    10247 Berlin

  16. Standesamt Treptow von Berlin
    Grossberliner Damm 35/37
    12487 Berlin

  17. Standesamt Koepenick von Berlin
    Alt Koepenick 21
    12555 Berlin

  18. Standesamt Lichtenberg von Berlin
    Anton-Saefkow-Platz 7
    10369 Berlin

  19. Standesamt Weissensee von Berlin
    Amalienstr. 8
    13086 Berlin

  20. Standesamt Pankow von Berlin
    Breitestr. 24A-26
    13187 Berlin

  21. Standesamt Pankow von Berlin,
    Aussenstelle Buch
    Wetbergstr. 38
    13125 Berlin

  22. Standesamt Marzahn von Berlin
    Helene-Weigel-Platz 8
    12681 Berlin

  23. Standesamt Hohenschoenhausen von Berlin
    Zingster Str. 2
    13051 Berlin

  24. Standesamt Hellersdorf von Berlin
    Alte Hellersdorfer Str. 41
    12629 Berlin

If the Berlin district of birth is not known, send the request to:

  • Standesamt Friedrichschain- Kreuzberg von Berlin
    Frankfurter Allee 35/37
    10247 Berlin

This office will initiate a search of all the districts in Berlin (i.e., the former East and West Berlin). This search takes at least 6 months. If the district of birth is not known, the parents' residence at the time of birth may help in locating the record.

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