GN BOS00502.183 Choosing A Representative Payee – Maine Department Of Behavioral & Developmental Services


The Maine Department of Behavioral & Developmental Services (BDS) has authority under State law to act as representative payee for clients in the agency's care, if it is selected by SSA to do so.

When selecting a payee for clients in the care of BDS, follow the list of preferred payees found in GN 00502.105.


When in the course of routine payee development it becomes apparent that BDS may be the preferred payee (GN 00502.105), an application should be solicited from, and all subsequent contacts made with, the Regional Administrator in whose jurisdiction the beneficiary resides. All contacts with BDS should be made by the field office serving the city in which the administrator is located (the parallel field office indicated below).

1. Address and Legend Information

a. Regional Administrators' Addresses

Each BDS Region is a separate representative payee. The following are the names and addresses of the BDS Regions who serve as representative payee for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits. Note: the name of the regional administrator is not included in the payee legend. The proper legend is “BDS Region __ FOR ______”.


BDS Region III P 4

Regional Administrator

Aroostook Residential Care

P.O. Box 1285

Presque Isle, ME 04769

Aroostook County

Presque Isle

BDS Region III B

Regional Administrator

Bangor Office Center

176 Hogan Rd

Bangor, ME 04401

Hancock, Penobscot, Piscataquis & Washington Counties


BDS Region II A

Regional Administrator

AMHI Complex

State House Station 60

Augusta, ME 04333

Kennebec & Somerset Counties


BDS Region II L

Regional Administrator

15 Mollison Way

Lewiston, ME 04240

Androscoggin, Franklin & Oxford Counties


BDS Region I

Regional Administrator

169 Lancaster Street

Portland, ME 04101

Cumberland (except Brunswick & Harpswell)

Portland & York Counties

BDS Region II T

Regional Administrator

212B New County Road

Thomaston, ME 04861

Cumberland (Brunswick & Harpswell only), Knox, Lincoln & Sagadahoc Counties


b. Beneficiary's Residence Address

Always record the actual residential address of the beneficiary. This should be done on the BRAA screen in RPS, the CHD2 screen in MCS and the ADDR screen in MSSICS.

2. Post-Eligibility Issues

BDS is responsible for reporting all changes that effect eligibility to the field office servicing the Regional Administrator's address. These offices are identified as the parallel FOs in GN BOS00502.183B.1.a. above. BDS is required to account annually on how benefits were used or conserved for each client.

To report changes for the beneficiary BDS sends the “Reporting Events to Social Security Administration” form (see GN BOS00502.183, Exhibit 1) to the parallel field office. This form was developed jointly by BDS and SSA to notify us of any change in living arrangement, etc. and also provides us with the beneficiary's new address.

If the parallel field office receives a “Reporting Events to Social Security Administration” form and there is no change in the BDS region that has jurisdiction over the benefic