TN 32 (11-05)

GN 00502.190 PC Processing of T2R Output and Manual Payee Actions

A. Policy

The field office is responsible for securing rep payee applications, processing them via the eRPS whenever possible, making the selection decision and generating (or manually preparing) appropriate notices. Effective 11/05, rep payee applications taken via the eRPS will be signed using a signature proxy and therefore the SG-SSA-11 produced by eRPS will no longer be retained. An SSA-11 application package will be sent to the PSC only when the rep payee application for a T2 beneficiary can’t be taken through the eRPS (undocumented alien) and manual processing and retention is required. The PSC will be responsible for the manual processing of fallout from T2R (alert and exception processing) and any cases that could not be taken via the eRPS (undocumented alien). The PSC will send the appropriate notices when manually processing payee actions.

B. Description of the SSA-11- Package

The SSA-11 package contains:

  • SSA-11, Request to be Selected as Payee

  • SSA-409, Postadjudicative Routing

  • Any other development pertinent to the payee determination.

C. Process

1. T2R Output

T2R output will be processed in accordance with SM 03005.195. Exceptions will be processed using MACADE. Until the MACADE action is processed, the rep payee application in eRPS will remain pending (in ready to process status) and can be viewed in the query mode.

2. Notice Output

If a review notice alert is received, review the alert and query the RPS to determine the proper recipient of the notice. If necessary print a copy of the SG-SSA-11 from the ORS to obtain needed information.

3. Manual Payee Actions

When the field office cannot take the rep payee application via the eRPS (undocumented alien RP), they will take it on a paper SSA-11-BK, make the payee decision, terminate the active payee in eRPS when the undocumented parent payee is selected, and forward the claim to the PC for manual processing (along with an A-101/WEB 101, if an initial claim). The case will need to be manually input via MACADE.

D. References

SM 03005.195 - Change of Representative Payee

SM 03020.150 - Develop for Representative Payee (DPYE)

SM 00810.700 - Processing Representative Payee Changes

GN 00503.000 - Payee Notices and Appeal Rights

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