TN 6 (09-97)

GN 00505.010 Payee Procedures for Foreign Claims - General

The same policies generally apply in ascertaining whether a representative payee is needed and in selecting a payee for an individual outside the U.S. However, because it is not always possible to have on-the-spot assistance of individuals specially trained in Social Security matters, most representative payee development must be accomplished by mail or through the facilities of a FO or FSP in Manila. In addition, conditions which exist in various countries often make it necessary to modify or expand the general procedures. For example, where payee development has been undertaken by the FSP or FO by mail and it is obvious that office cannot interview the payee applicant personally, it would not ordinarily be necessary to institute development merely to ask for a recommendation as to the applicant's suitability as payee. (This does not eliminate the necessity for a recommendation where more than one potential payee is available or an unusual or questionable situation exists.) Of course, deviations such as this depend upon the circumstances of the case, and the file must be documented by a brief explanation if it will not be apparent from the file or other information.

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