TN 18 (06-22)

GN 00903.200 Field Office (FO) Role for Information and Referral (I&R)

A. Employees who have contact with the public

Employees who have contact with the public should be aware of the community's main health and welfare programs. Employees should have a general idea of business, professional, and social welfare structures in the community and understand the relationship between Government programs and voluntary programs.

Ensure that a referral is effective. Base it on a correct assessment of the service needed and knowledge of:

  • the scope of the service offered by a service agency,

  • the nearest location where the service is available, and

  • when and under what conditions members of the public may obtain services.

A proper referral for an inquiry about insufficient income may not always be the welfare office. A counseling agency, Meals on Wheels, or some other available service may be more appropriate.

NOTE: A form letter is available under the Service Representative section of the SSA Notice System for use in providing referrals to the public. For more information on the Notice System, see NL 00601.000.

B. Field office management responsibilities

FO managers should ensure that the FO's I&R information on the Field Office Informational/Referral screen in the enhanced Leads and Appointment System (eLAS) is complete and up-to-date. Managers should also ensure that employees in co-located Teleservice Centers (TSCs) have access to the FO’s Informational/Referral Screen.

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