TN 7 (03-90)

GN 00905.004 OIO Claims Authorizer (CA) Jurisdiction

A. Policy

CA's are responsible for adjudicating cases in which:

  • At least one beneficiary uses a mailing address, or resides, outside the U.S.; and

  • DOFA cannot be used.

B. Procedure

1. Preadjudicative development

Request development for claimants living in:From:
The PhilippinesForeign Service Post (FSP)
British Virgin Islands, Canada, the U.S. or Western SamoaField Office (FO) with jurisdiction
Countries serviced by a claims-taking FSP—if the folder and case control system do not show CDB has initiated developmentClaims-taking FSP
All other areasCDB

Exception: Contact the claimant directly if:

  • Only completed forms or answers to simple questions are needed, and

  • The claimant is not in Greece, Hong Kong, Iran, Lebanon, the Philippines or Turkey.

2. Postadjudicative development

Take action, as explained in 1., except:

  1. Undertake development if CDB has development pending on another issue on a partially adjudicated claim. (CDB will control and followup on its own development.)

  2. Forward the material to CDB if:

    • An entitled child files for student or disabled child benefits;

    • Representative payee development is needed; or

    • A claims lead or inquiry is received from an individual in a country for which CDB has jurisdiction.

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