TN 8 (07-93)

GN 00905.302 Face-to-Face Claims Development with Residents of Mexico

A. Policy

Claims for monthly benefits filed by residents of Mexico are developed in face-to-face interviews in an FO or FSP. The personal interview requirement includes students and adult disabled children.

Exceptions: Face-to-face interviews are conducted with the following claimants only if fraud or illegal claims helper activity is suspected:

  • Residents of the States of Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco or Yucatan; and

  • Minor children and claimants, other than adult disabled children, for whom a representative payee applies.

LSDP-only claims may be developed by mail.

In those rare FO cases in which contact cannot be made by the FSP and the FO needs to interview an individual in Mexico, the FO must follow the conditions of the agreement with the Mexican Government (as explained in B. below).

B. List of provisions of personal contact agreement with Mexico

An agreement with the Mexican Government permits FO personnel personal contact with claimants and beneficiaries in Mexico.

Under this agreement:

  • SSA services to Mexican residents who visit their offices will be provided by border Social Security offices to the fullest extent possible.

  • Whenever a Mexican resident is unable to enter the U.S., any necessary personal contact by an FO representative will take place within a U.S. Government office (e.g. Immigration and Naturalization Service) along the border.

  • The following Social Security offices may contact persons in Mexico only at the designated FSPs or at any other U.S. Government office along the border.

Social Security Office FSP
Brownsville Matamoros
Chula Vista Tijuana
Douglas None
El Centro None
El Paso Ciudad Juarez
Laredo Nuevo Laredo
McAllen None
Nogales None
Yuma None
  • Any personal contacts in Mexico outside an FSP will be made only by the appropriate U.S. consular officers or employees of the FSPs unaccompanied by any SSA employee.

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