TN 10 (01-98)

GN 00905.360 Action on Claims Involving a Claims Helper in Philippines

A. Background

The charging of excess fees by third parties in the Philippines for assistance with claims is a serious problem. Therefore, the appointment of a representative in the Philippines is not recognized in developing a claim or in notifying a claimant of the final action.

B. Process

The Foreign Service Post (FSP) in Manila checks the names and addresses on all material against both the controlled and suspected helper lists.

It validates all the evidence (as required by GN 00307.762A and GN 00307.763) if a helper is detected or the facts indicate the possible involvement of one.

If it detects a helper who is not on the suspected list, it includes a report in the file and adds the helper's name to that list.

C. Policy

Do not notify a representative of a claimant of the need for evidence or information or send him a copy of the final notice when the claim has been completed.

Any deviation from this policy requires the written approval of the Office of International Programs (OIP) or the International Disability Unit in the Office of International Operations (OIO).

EXCEPTION: This procedure does not apply to a U.S. attorney who meets the qualification in GN 03910.020B, or to a Congressman or a representative of a foreign government.

D. Procedure

1. Third-party inquiries

Advise any third party that information about a claim will be given only to the claimant. The person for whom he is inquiring should call personally at the FSP in Manila or one of its Contact Stations for the information.

Route replies to third-party inquiries outside the Philippines to OIO for review and release.

2. OIO

Refer a claim to an OIO mod technician after all award action if it involves a helper and possible fraud. Do not make this referral if the claim is denied.

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