TN 10 (01-98)

GN 00905.356 Personal Contact Requirement in the Philippines

A. Policy

A personal contact must be made in every case in which entitlement exists to explain to the claimant:

  • SSA's policies on the activities of third parties; and

  • His/her responsibilities to report suspension and termination events.

Exception: A personal contact is not required if the claimant was born in the U.S. and the claim does not depend on Philippine evidence.

Every check for at least $5,000 is automatically directed to the Foreign Service Post (FSP) in Manila for personal delivery. See GN 00505.022 for when development for payment of accrued benefits is required. There is no restriction on the amount of accrual payment if payment is made by direct deposit arrangement to a financial institutional in the U.S.

B. Procedure

Since the FSP takes all claims by personal contact, assume that the personal contact has been made. (The FSP will document the claims file only when this contact has not been made.)

Exception: Take follow-up action where the FSP has indicated no personal contact was made if there is third-party involvement and no indication that the FSP noted this involvement for appropriate action.

  • Third Party Not One Listed in GN 00307.764 and No Fraud Indicated - Check Will Be at Least $5,000

    • Process the award under normal procedures.

      Advise the FSP of the third-party involvement and request it to document the file fully about the personal contact before releasing the check.

  • Third Party Listed in GN 00307.764 or Fraud Involved - Initial Check Will be Less Than $5,000

    • Request a personal contact and any other indicated development (e.g., validation of evidence) before approving an award.

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