TN 7 (03-90)

GN 00905.364 Compilation and Maintenance of the Philippine Claims Helper Lists

A. Description of controlled list

This list of third parties involved in VA and Social Security claims is compiled and updated by the Foreign Service Post (FSP) in Manila, Philippines. It is in two parts:

  • An alphabetical listing of names by city or local community and province; and

  • A listing of addresses by city or local community and province.

The list is kept in the OIO library. Additions can be made only by the FSP.

Periodically, the FSP sends additions to the list. These are on separate pages and are filed with the list until a complete recompilation is done by the FSP.

B. Description of suspected list

This is a list of the names and address of third parties who are suspected of being claims helpers, but whose names are not on the controlled list.

The OIO library maintains the list.

If the review of a claims file shows a possible helper whose name does not appear on the current list, the helper's name and address is given to the OIO library along with the NH's name and SSN and the claims symbols of all claimants.

The library adds the name and address to the list. In addition, it sends all the information to the Office of International Programs (OIP).

Periodically, OIP forwards data to the FSP on the suspected helpers detected by OIO.

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