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GN 00905.366 WW II Military Service of Filipinos


1. General

Usually, RS 01702.000 ff. is used to determine if military service is creditable for Social Security purposes.

However, experience has shown that there are some situations which confuse beneficiaries and claimants, and background information is needed to clarify them for such individuals.

2. Service in home defense units in hawaii

Many individuals who worked in Hawaii during the WW II world war served in “volunteer” civilian defense units. Because of misunderstandings, they believe this service is creditable for Social Security purposes.

Some such units were:

  • Kauai Volunteers,

  • Hawaii Rifles,

  • Oahu Defense Volunteers,

  • Marine Volunteers,

  • Maui Defense Volunteers and

  • Hawaii Territorial Guard.

This was not active military duty in the service of the U.S. although they were given military-type identification, provided by the Army with weapons and assigned officers as instructors.

3. Service in the 14th infantry of the U.S. Army during WW II

Before July 1942, this unit existed as the 14th Infantry of the Philippine Commonwealth Army. In July 1942, authorization was given for this unit to form the 14th Infantry of the U.S. Army.

Because the unit was organized haphazardly and not subject to the usual U.S. military control, the Department of the Army instituted the 14th Infantry Review Program in 1953. It reviewed the status of all unit members and determined that only those members who were inducted or present for duty on or before July 14, 1942 retained their AUS (Army of the United States) status.

The status of those individuals entering after that date was revoked. Those individuals were notified by letter and requested to return their AUS discharge certificates. However, many did not and, as a result, an individual may have discharge papers even though the Army Administration Center records show no active military service.

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