TN 4 (02-02)

GN 01020.360 All FO/PSC Actions Complete


The All FO/PSC Actions Complete block is used to notify the PSC that no further action is needed on a claim.


Always check this block when PSC actions are not necessary, but the accompanying material must be retained in the folder according to POMS DG 00510 ff.

Do not check numbered blocks or add extraneous remarks when sending prongfile material to the PSC because this results in a technician review of the material.

1. Representative Payee Change

Also check this block if you are forwarding Representative Payee Change material for retention in the file.

2. SSI and Medical Evidence

Also check this block if you are forwarding SSI, and/or Medical Evidence for retention in the file.

3. Rep Payee Accounting

For FO completed nonresponder accounting forms, the FO must mark or stamp the SSA-623/6230 "Approved."  The FO should send the approved forms to the appropriate PSC for storage using a form SSA-409 clearly marked to show that no PSC action is necessary. The accounting forms should not be sent to any PSC without a covering SSA-409.

Only one SSA-623/6230 should be attached to one SSA-409. Previously multiple forms could be bundled under cover of one SSA-409. This has created some problems, so beginning immediately, attach only one accounting form to each post-adjudicative routing form.

NOTE: When an accounting form is received or resolved by the FO based on a PSC development request for assistance, the FO will check both the "Action Required" and item 22 blocks on the SSA-409.

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