TN 4 (02-02)

GN 01020.365 Action Required


The Action Required block is used to notify the PSCs that they must take action on the material being forwarded. It is essential that this section of the form be completed properly since the checkblocks include PCACS information that determines routing of the accompanying material to the proper technician within the PSC.  Incorrect or missing entries will cause delays in processing.


When the Action Required block is checked, an entry is also required in one of the blocks below:

1. Cancel Diary -- Due Date

Check this block when a diary control must be canceled by the PSC.

Also annotate the Due Date of the diary to be canceled.

If cancellation of the diary is the only PSC action needed, no other block need be checked.  However, if additional action is required, check one of the numbered blocks.

2. List Of Numbered Checkblocks -- Check Only One

These blocks are self-explanatory.  If more than one checkblock applies, only check the one that most appropriately identifies the issue/material being forwarded.

Example: If you are forwarding a Request for Reconsideration and an Attorney Fee Agreement is included, check ONLY block# 19, Reconsideration Request as this is the main issue to be addressed.

3. Forwarding Information -- Entry Required

Enter complete FO contact information including FO code, phone and fax number.

4. Rep Payee Accounting

Check block number 22, "Rep Payee Accounting."

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