TN 1 (06-86)

GN 01050.110 Transfer From the Office of Disability Operations

Any retirement or survivors benefits payable after a period during which disability benefits have been paid are chargeable to the RSI Trust Fund. There are five main reasons for the transfer of a claims folder from ODO to the servicing program service center: the attainment of age 54, the cessation of the disability, the death of the disabled wage earner, the denial of a disability claim, or the claim comes under the jurisdiction of the International Program Service Center.

Most age 54 attainments are automatically selected and processed by the EDP system through the ODO/RSI Conversion Program. The claims folder, with a request to establish any diaries or listing slips, will be transferred to the servicing program service center via Form SSA-559.

Where the disabled wage earner and any auxiliary beneficiaries are terminated due to the primary's death, ODO will prepare the survivor's award on forms SSA-2796-U2 in accordance with Entitlement Conversion procedure. Once the SSA-2796-U2 is processed, the case will be forwarded to the appropriate RSI office via Form SSA-559 with a request to prepare any diary or listing slips.

Where ODO is paying an “Interim RSI” benefit and the disability claims determination is a denial, ODO will prepare an SSA-2796-U2 to terminate (AF) the interim benefit and prepare an adjustment action against the servicing program center. In this case, the “AJC” block of the SSA-2795-U2 will be completed with the appropriate program center code. Where the servicing program center had processed and is paying the “Interim RSI” benefit, and the disability claims determination is a denial, the DIB claims folder will be transferred to the appropriate program center for combining with the RSI claims folder.

In the situation described above, if the claims folder is being forwarded to a program center other than the one which would normally service the account, a cross-reference record will be prepared by ODO and forwarded to the office that would normally service the account so that they may update their case control system.

Where possible, any underpayments payable from the DIB Trust Fund will be paid prior to the transfer of the claims folder.

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