TN 1 (06-86)

GN 01050.120 Transfer From a Processing Center

Notice of a change of address will, in some cases, require the transfer of the claims folder from the servicing processing center to another processing center. See GN 01050.055 and GN 01050.060 to determine jurisdiction based on other than area number. Appropriate action will be taken against all benefits payable on the account, and the claims folder will be forwarded to the new servicing processing center. In this instance, the direct action examiner will prepare an SSA-665 to forward the folder once their review of the action is completed. If any diary or listing slips have been prepared, they must be can-

celled. The receiving office will be requested to establish a similar control on the transfer Form SSA-665.

If the claims folder is being forwarded to a processing center other than the one that would normally service the account, a cross-reference record will be prepared and forwarded to the processing center that would normally service the account number so that they may update their case control system.

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