TN 19 (05-07)

GN 01070.200 Field Office (FO) Use Of DOTEL For Claims Actions

A. Overview Of FO use Of DOTEL for claims actions

Only claims adjudicators use the DOTEL procedure because of their in-depth claims training. In addition, a claim or payment action will be taken based on the telephone discussion. The FO should identify the need for assistance at the initial interview. Initiate the call as soon as possible thereafter.

Use of this procedure will:

  • Reduce claims development and processing time; and

  • Provide better service to the public.

To avoid an unnecessary priority workload on another office, closely follow the selection criteria for the use of the procedure.

B. Procedure for FO use of DOTEL for claims actions

The FO may use the DOTEL procedure when developing an initial or subsequent claim under the following conditions:

1. Evidence was previously submitted

The claimant indicates that the needed evidence was previously submitted and such evidence is not now in the claimant’s possession, or it is not readily available; and

2. Posted information is insufficient

The MCS, MBR or other systems record lacks information about the prior claim or contains other data in apparent conflict with evidence received on the current claim, and the CR believes that examination of the prior file will:

  • Permit the complete adjudication of the claim (including open applications); or

  • Substantially reduce development efforts to obtain the needed evidence; or

  • Avoid the need to develop duplicate evidence involving sensitive issues or public relation concerns.

3. Other Conditions

  • Appeals

  • Congressional inquires, and

  • Public relations problems.

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