TN 19 (05-07)

GN 01070.235 When FO To PC OPTEL Procedure Is To Be Used

A. Policy for use of FO to PC OPTEL procedure

OPTEL calls can be used when FO personnel have questions concerning an overpayment / recovery situation involving a case where:

  • Jurisdiction for collection activity has been transferred to the FO.

  • The beneficiary has requested an explanation of his/her overpayment notice.

  • Clarification of a processing center development request is required.

  • An explanation of worksheet entries is required.

  • Benefit offset is in progress, the claimant has made a full refund and efforts to stop withholding through ROAR have been unsuccessful.

B. When to use the MDW process

If the issue is clearly too complicated to be explained over the telephone, use of the MDW should be considered. (Refer to MSOM MDW-001-001 for instructions on this procedure or to "Modernized Development Worksheet Instructions for Intercomponent Development Requests" at: for MDW.html.)

The MDW can also be used for certain contacts falling outside the criteria described in GN 01070.235A, if all the following conditions are met.

  • The contact must involve an overpayment / recovery issue.

  • Circumstances warranting special handling (e.g. potential public relations problem, financial hardship, etc.).

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