TN 19 (05-07)

GN 01070.335 Debt Management Direct Contact

A. Overview of debt management direct contact

Use the telephone or direct mail and follow the general instructions in this chapter for developing outstanding debt management issues.

1. Debt management issues

  1. a. 

    Discuss and renegotiate:

    • Installment refund proposals where recovery would take longer than 36 months or where the debtor's financial circumstances have changed.

    • Partial adjustment rates where termination of benefits will occur prior to expiration of the ordinarily acceptable 36 month recovery period.

  2. b. 


    • Basis for the claimant's return of the tear-off portion of Form SSA-3105, “Important Information About Your Appeal Rights”

    • Questions of liability — Estate and Bankruptcy Cases. Call the appropriate court to determine whether a proof of claim should be filed.

  3. c. 

    Pursue file leads for better address in situation where the FO was unable to locate the debtor.

  4. d. 

    Ascertain whether the possibility of compromise settlement has been discussed.

  5. e. 

    Resolve omitted or inconsistent items on Form SSA-632-F4 (Overpayment Recovery Questionnaire).

  6. f. 

    TOP cases - Resolve questions concerning the withholding of income tax refunds to recover Title II overpayment from a debtor. (GN 02201.029)

  7. g. 

    Secure corroborating or verifying evidence such as: proof of wages, self-employment, rental and mortgage receipts, tax receipts and bills.

2. Updating related overpayment records

Update the Recovery of Overpayment Accounting and Reporting (ROAR) system if the direct contact results in a status change.

B. Example of ROAR update

If an informal protest is resolved over the telephone and normal recovery activity had been interrupted pending resolution of the issue, update ROAR to resume recovery. Scheduled ROAR diaries should be adjusted to prevent premature folder call-up.

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