TN 19 (05-07)

GN 01070.510 Placing PC To PC Calls – Requesting PC

A. Placing the call to the PC

  • Determine the correct PC SSN jurisdiction by referring to GN 01070.245.

  • Query the DOORS system to obtain the correct telephone number for the module (see MSOM DOORS 002.002). If the applicable PC has an alternative contact preference (e.g., telephone unit), it will be displayed on the PCCONTACTS screen in DOORS.

  • Make all requests for assistance directly to the appropriate module unless that PC has established alternative instructions on the PCCONTACTS DOORS screen.

B. PC contact

Identify the call as a PC to PC telephone request and furnish the following information:

  • PC name and component of the caller;

  • Name, position and telephone number of the caller;

  • Date of call (if you reach an electronic answering device);

  • SSN of claim involved;

  • Name of NH;

  • Claimant's name and BIC if different from NH;

  • Any cross-reference SSN, if applicable;

  • Evidence or information being sought--Describe the requested evidence and all material facts associated with the request.

C. Documenting the call

The information provided by the assisting PC must be fully documented by the caller using the procedures.

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