TN 38 (03-22)

GN 01070.835 OEIO DEBS Direct Mail Contact

A. General overview of direct mail contact

Use the DIRCON mail procedure when:

  • Telephone contact is established with non-English speaking wage earners or employer;

  • Telephone contact is unsuccessful; or

  • Telephone contact is established with a wage earner or employer and they are unable or unwilling to cooperate over the phone.

B. Letter guidelines

Listed below are notices and forms used in scrambled wage and earnings discrepancy cases. These notices may be accessed on the shared drive.

  • DIRCON Successful Claiming Disclaiming Letter

  • Follow-up Letter to Employer

  • IRSW (Final Closeout)

  • No Direct Contact Made Claiming Disclaiming Letter

  • SSA-795 Claiming Disclaiming Statement

  • First Follow-up for Claiming Disclaiming

  • Form L2001 – Address Information Request

  • Letter to Field Office for SSN

  • Original Letter to Employer

  • SSA-L54 (Letter returning 3857 to IRS)

C. Enclosure reply envelopes

  1. 1. 

    Do not provide a postage paid, business reply envelope when the information requested:

    • Is required by law or regulation, or

    • Involves the individual’s own claim or personal business with the government.

  2. 2. 

    Enclose a pre-addressed, non-postage paid reply envelope when requesting information from the client/individual.

  3. 3. 

    Enclose a pre-addressed, business reply envelope when requesting information form an impartial third party who is not required to furnish the requested information, such as an employer furnishing a statement of wages paid, in order to assist SSA in correcting earnings report errors that were not the fault of the employer.

  4. 4. 

    Write “To Be Opened By Addressee Only,” your module number and your name or initials on the envelope.

D. Diary

Place a copy of the letter in the file with the case material and establish a diary follow-up in 30 calendar days.

E. References

GN 01070.850 Follow-up Procedure—No Evidence Or Documents Received.

GN 01070.855 How To Closeout When No Evidence Or Documents Received.

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