TN 2 (03-04)

GN 01702.420 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Processing of Totalization Claims

A. Policy

DDSs will not make determinations of disability in claims for Totalization benefits (unless a determination is necessary in a concurrent SSI claim). The Office of International Operations (OIO) will make a disability determination in claims for Totalization benefits if, after receipt of the foreign coverage record, the NH is insured for disability benefits. However, the DDSs may have to develop medical evidence in these cases. When referring such cases for development of medical evidence, field offices (FOs) will include the notation “Totalization Claim—No Determination Necessary.”

B. Process

1. Development requests from FOs

Upon receipt of a request for development of medical evidence in a Totalization claim, the DDS develops medical evidence of record. When development is complete, the DDS sends the evidence to the FO without a disability determination.

2. Development requests from OIO

DDSs develop medical evidence when requested by OIO. Such requests may be for medical evidence of record or for a consultative exam. The DDS returns the request to OIO upon completion of the development without a disability determination.

Note: OIO may, at times, request disability development on behalf of a foreign agency in connection with a claim for foreign benefits. Some of these requests may not have a U.S. Social Security number (SSN) to identify the case. The DDS will maintain an internal manual control for development requests with no SSN.

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