Basic (09-82)

GN 01704.105 Claims from New Applicants

When individuals who are not RSDI beneficiaries file for U.S. totalization benefits, they are also required to complete regular RSDI applications. The RSDI claims are processed to awards or disallowances and initial decisions are made on eligibility for U.S. totalization benefits. Paragraphs are added to the RSDI award or disallowance notices informing the individuals whether combining U.S. and foreign work is possible or would be advantageous.

If it is possible to combine NH's U.S. and foreign work and it appears that this might be advantageous, the Benefit Earnings Technician (BET) requests a certification of actual foreign work periods from the foreign country. If, when the foreign earnings are combined with the U.S. earnings entitlement results, the claimant is notified. If insured status does not result, the claimant is disallowed for totalized benefits from the United States.

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