TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.700 Benefit Earnings Technician (BET) Processing - General

Perhaps the most important responsibility of BETs is preparing claims packages for foreign agencies. The contents of the packages will depend upon various factors; i.e., where the claim was filed, from which countries benefits are being claimed, the insured status of the NH and the agreement under which the claim is filed.

The following instructions are designed to establish guidelines to BETs. However, there will be occasions when BETs, because they are aware of the circumstances, include additional information in the claims packages. The purpose of the packages, after all, is to transmit needed information to a foreign agency and/or to request information needed by DIO. The BET should use the following guidelines, the information in the claims folder, experience and judgment to prepare concise, but sufficient, claims packages.

NOTE: Material submitted by claimants solely in support of claims from foreign agencies should be submitted to the foreign agencies unevaluated. If the material has intrinsic value; i.e., original marriage, baptism or birth certificates or if the claimants request that the originals be returned, prepare photocopies for the foreign agencies and return the originals to the claimants. Certify the photocopies as exact copies of the documents returned to the claimants.

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