TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.805 Processing Material With No SSN

Foreign agencies sometimes send material with no SSN to OIO. The following action(s) should be taken on this material.

A. Address outside the U.S. or no address provided

If the person has an address in a foreign country or if no address is provided, the file clerk will give the BET the material without a folder to return to the foreign agency via a transmittal form. BETs request the SSN and address, as appropriate. They also simultaneously request any other information needed but not provided; e.g., consent statement, medical release, etc. They do not prepare controls for these requests.

B. Address in the United States

The assembly clerk sends form letters requesting the NH's SSN to persons residing in the United States. If the SSN is received, claims folders are prepared. However, if no response is received or if the person contacted does not know the NH's SSN, the assembly clerk will prepare an alpha folder and refer it to a BET.

The BET then requests the assistance of the appropriate district office by either telephoning or writing. If BETs prepare written requests, they must show “ALPHA—MOD (and the appropriate MOD #)” in the SSN block of Forms SSA-4766-U3 so that the mailroom can route the reply to the correct module for association with the alpha folders. BETs diary the request for 60 days by stapling a 3” × 5” piece of paper to the folder, annotated with the date the response is due. If the DO responds that it is unable to contact the claimant(s), BETs return the request to the foreign agency, ex-
plaining that the person in question could not be found. If no response is received, BETs should phone the DO and request that the DO respond by phone after contacting or trying to contact the individual. BETs should hold the alpha folders on their desks for 2 working days. If the DO does not respond or the response is negative, BETs return the material to the foreign agency, explaining that the individual did not respond.

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