TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.800 Foreign Agency Requests for Evidence and Information

A. General

Foreign agencies may request a wide variety of information, and every effort should be made to comply with their requests. If the requested information is not in file or obtainable from a current MBR, obtain the requested evidence and information in the most efficient way possible.

B. Consent statements

If a consent statement is not in file and no application under the agreement is filed, a consent statement must be obtained prior to releasing any information to the foreign agency. If the DO or FSP is contacted for other assistance, also request the consent statement. If no DO or FSP contact is required and the individual is in the other country, ask the foreign agency to obtain the consent statement; otherwise, contact the person directly. However, do not wait for receipt of the consent statement before requesting the ER, etc. Everything should be done simultaneously and held until the consent statement is received.

However, if a foreign agency includes a statement that a claim has been filed under the agreement with the request form, no consent statement is needed.

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GN 01704.800 - Foreign Agency Requests for Evidence and Information - 12/22/1989
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