TN 2 (07-86)

GN 01706.220 Italian overpayment case procedure

Refer to GN 01704 for an explanation of Italian overpayment cases and the BET's responsibility with regard to handling these types of cases.

CAs must not backlog these cases. They must immediately request the needed RSDI development. Requests to developing offices should explain: “Italian totalization agreement involved—to avoid an overpayment by Italy, a decision on the RSDI claim must be made prior to the month of entitlement to benefits from SSA.” Requests should also state that if the claimant no longer wishes to file for benefits for the initial date given, the developing office should obtain a new proposed date from the claimant.

Diary the request as usual. If the INPS beneficiary becomes entitled to regular or totalized RSDI benefits, CAs are responsible for sending a teletype to “AMEMBASSY, ROME ITALY, ATTN: FBU MR. RINI.” The subject line must state “Italian Overpayment Procedure Case (SSN).” The body of the teletype must provide:

  1. A. 

    The worker's full name and date of birth (include maiden name for married women).

  2. B. 

    The date of entitlement of the beneficiary.

  3. C. 

    The monthly benefit amount for the month of entitlement (for months beginning June 1982, show the monthly benefit creditable).

  4. D. 

    The name and address of the beneficiary (include maiden name for married women).

  5. E. 

    Italian file number (if shown on prior correspondence from INPS).

  6. F. 

    The INPS regional office (if available).

CAs must document the folder with a copy of the teletype. CAs are also responsible for “X-ing” out the Italian overpayment label, advising the BET with the IBC card file to delete the diary and routing the folder to a BET for preparation of a claims package for INPS. If the claimant did not wish to file for benefits for the original month, CAs must refer the folder to the BET for preparing a new IBC for the new proposed date.

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