TN 2 (07-86)

GN 01706.210 Obtaining Proof of Lag SEI

Evidence of current and prior year SEI is always needed by INPS. However, proof of such employment is not always available at the time the totalization claim is filed. Evidence of current year SEI should not be requested at the time of filing, as acceptable evidence will not be available. Similarly, acceptable evidence of SEI for a prior year may not be available (e.g., because a tax return has not yet been filed). If acceptable evidence is not available, SEI cannot be certified to INPS. When current or prior year SEI evidence is needed but is not yet available, diary the case for the first day of the 5th month after the end of the taxable year. Advise INPS that SEI is alleged for (years) but not yet proven. When the evidence is received, advise INPS of the additional QCs established.

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GN 01706.210 - Obtaining Proof of Lag SEI - 12/22/1989
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