TN 3 (03-97)

GN 01708.110 How to Evaluate German Coverage Certifications

A. Introduction

There are some entries which must be shown on the form D/USA 5 or the computer generated coverage records before they can be used to credit German coverage. The following section describes what is required for an acceptable German coverage certification. Obvious mathematical or spelling errors may be corrected by CSs.

B. Procedure

Take the following actions to evaluate a German coverage certification.

1. Direct certification

Ensure that the record was certified directly to DIO or FSP by one of the German agencies listed in GN 01708.025 and not through the claimant or a third party.

2. Worker identification

Check all identifying data (name, DOB, SSN, etc.) to ensure, to your satisfaction, that the German certification belongs to the proper worker.

3. Verify “From - To” entries

Verify that the “from - to” dates in each period of coverage do not span more than one calendar year, that there is a number of months entry for each “from - to” period and that the number does not exceed the actual number of months in each period.

4. Verify total “From - To” months

Verify that any year with more than one “from - to” period does not contain a number of months entry which exceeds the sum of the actual months in all of the “from - to” periods for that calendar year.

5. Analyze results of questionable periods

If any of the questionable periods described above affect insured status refer the case to DTPS for evaluation.

If insured status is not affected refer to GN 01708.115 to credit the German coverage.

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