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GN 01718.105 Swedish Coverage Certification


This section tells you what the Swedish coverage record looks like and describes the entries on the form.


Form 029 is a computer generated certification which lists a person's coverage beginning with 1960.

1. First Printed Line Displays

  1. a. 

    “029” = The form number.

  2. b. 

    “270921 9519” = The PIN.

  3. c. 

    “SZYLO, PETRO” = Name of PIN holder.

2. Second Printed Line Displays

Four columns significant to SSA are:

  1. a. 

    “AR” = Year. The last two digits of years beginning with 1960.

  2. b. 

    “PPA” = Earnings from employment. Entries other than “000” indicate wages for the corresponding year.

  3. c. 

    “PPB” = Earnings from self-employment. Entries other than “000” indicate self-employment income for the
    corresponding year.

  4. d. 

    “SA” = Summary of Pension Points. Entries other than “000” indicate pension points have been credited for the corresponding year.

3. Last Entry Displays

The date (YY/MM/DD) the record was updated. (Bottom right hand corner)

NOTE: The Swedish records are updated in December with coverage data for the previous year. Thus, “UPPD 911228” means than on December 28, 1991 this record was updated with data for 1990.

4. Issuing Office Displays

The issuing Swedish social insurance office stamps, dates and initials the form — usually in the upper right-hand corner.


Completing the U.S.A./Sweden Transmittal/Request/Certification Form GN 01718.220


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