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GN 01720.025 U.K. Liaison Agencies

A. List of liaison agency addresses

Four agencies representing the different U.K. social insurance systems have been designated as liaison agencies for implementation of the Agreement.

  • Great Britain

    Department of Social Security
    Overseas Benefits Directorate
    Newcastle upon Tyne NE 98 1YX

  • Isle of Man

    Isle of Man Board of Social Security
    Markwell House
    Market Street
    Isle of Man

  • Jersey

    Social Security Department
    Philip Le Feuvre House
    La Motte Street
    St. Helier, Jersey
    Channel Islands

  • Guernsey

    States Insurance Authority
    Edward T. Wheadon House
    Le Truchet
    St. Peter Port, Guernsey
    Channel Islands

B. Procedure

Follow these instructions to select the proper liaison agency.

  • Send all initial claims packages, U.K. coverage record requests, etc. to the Overseas Benefits Directorate in Newcastle unless the claimant specifically indicates that all coverage was earned only under the system in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man. In that event, send the package to the respective agency for that system.

    Note: The Social Security agency in Northern Ireland no longer handles claims under the agreement. Claims, etc. from persons with coverage in Northern Ireland should be sent to the Overseas Benefits Directorate in Newcastle.

  • Send responses to assistance requests to the requesting agency if it is listed in A. above.

  • Submit requests from any other agency to International Operations and Totalization Staff (IOTS) for instructions.

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