TN 1 (07-99)

GN 01723.130 Computation of French Totalization Benefits

A. Introduction

To receive a full retirement benefit, a worker must have between 150 and 160 quarters of French coverage. The exact number varies depending on the worker's year of birth. Workers with less than the 150-160 quarters of coverage receive a reduced benefit amount.

B. Policy

Under the agreement, individuals who have at least one quarter of French coverage, but less than the number required for a full benefit, may receive credit for their U.S. coverage when the amount of their French retirement benefit is computed. In applying this provision, France will compute a benefit amount based on combined U.S. and French coverage and a benefit amount based only on French coverage and pay the greater amount.

NOTE: Because a benefit based on combined coverage is prorated, the benefit amount based on French coverage alone is almost always greater.

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