BASIC (10-93)

GN 01724.025 French Liaison Agencies

A. Introduction

The Centre de la Securite Social des Travailleurs Migrants (Center for Social Security for Migrant Workers) is the French agency responsible for implementing the U.S./French Agreement.

There are over 300 local agencies which administer the French Social Security system. You may receive requests for coverage records or other information from any of them. However, most requests will come from the 17 old age or 129 disability agencies.

B. Procedure

Follow the appropriate procedure below to send the liaison form to the correct French agency.

  1. If you are sending a claim for French benefits or requesting information, write to the Center for Social Security for Migrant Workers.

    Center for Social Security for

    Migrant Workers

    11, rue de la Tour des Dames

    75436 Paris, Cedex 09


  2. If you are replying to a request for information from a local French agency, send your reply to that office using the address they provide.

    NOTE: You may use the blue, peel-and-stick address label which the agencies affix to their correspondence to return material to them.

    Print the agency name (abbreviated) above the address and “France” below the address.

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