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GN 01725.020 Dutch Social Security Benefits

A. Introduction

Although the NIS, EPIS and SPIS pay many different categories of benefits, this section describes only the retirement and survivors benefits paid by the NIS and the earnings-related disability benefits paid by the EPIS and SPIS. These are the only Dutch benefits included within the scope of the agreement.

B. Policy - Dutch eligibility requirements

The eligibility requirements for Dutch retirement and survivors benefits under the NIS and disability benefits under the EPIS and the SPIS are shown below.

1. NIS Benefits

a. Retirement Benefits

Eligibility requirements for NIS retirement benefits are as follows:

  • Age 65 (A beneficiary who is married or shares a household with a person under age 65 may receive an income-tested supplement in addition to the benefit.)

  • One year of coverage

NOTE: 50 years of coverage — from age 15-64 — needed for full flat-rate benefit, otherwise, benefit reduced proportionately.

b. Survivors Benefits

Survivor benefits are means tested. The worker must have been covered under the NIS (i.e., living in the Netherlands or, if outside the Netherlands, engaged in NIS-covered work) at the time of death. The survivors must meet the following conditions:

  • widow(er) or living-with partner

    under age 65

    born before 1950, or disabled, or caring for a child under age 18

    not remarried or sharing a household with someone

  • divorced widow(er)

    would have met the requirements for widow(er) benefit if the former spouse had died before the divorce was final

    not remarried or sharing a household with someone

  • child

    both parents deceased

    under age 16, or under age 18 if disabled, or under age 21 and either a student or running a household that includes at least one other entitled child

    NOTE: If only one parent is deceased, a dependent child's supplement may be paid to the person caring for the child.

2. EPIS Benefit

Eligibility requirements for EPIS disability benefit are as follows:

  • working in covered employment at disability onset

  • under age 65

  • at least 15 percent disabled

  • incapacitated at least 52 weeks

3. SPIS Benefit

Eligibility requirements for SPIS disability benefits are as follows:

  • considered self-employed under Dutch law

  • under age 65

  • at least 25 percent disabled

  • incapacitated at least 52 weeks

C. Policy - Transitional provisions for retirement benefits

Under the Dutch Social Security law, which became effective 01/57, full retirement benefits are paid to persons who acquire 50 years of coverage between age 15 and 65. Persons with less than 50 years of coverage receive proportionately reduced benefits. Since persons who were over age 15 in 1957 did not have an opportunity to earn 50 years of coverage, Dutch law grants such persons noncontributory credits for periods from their 15th birthday until 01/57, provided they:

  • have credit for a period of Dutch coverage after 1956,

  • are Dutch nationals or deemed equivalent to Dutch nationals on the basis of an international agreement,

  • reside in the Netherlands, and

  • resided in the Netherlands for at least 6 years after attaining age 59.

D. Procedure

Advise individuals that SSA cannot give official information about Dutch benefits. Refer those who want official information to the appropriate address below:

1. Retirement, Survivors and Child's Benefits

For information on Dutch retirement, survivors and child's benefits, advise the person to write to:


    Social Insurance Bank
    (Sociale Verzekeringsbank)
    Postbus 576
    NL - 9700 AN Groningen

2. Disability Benefits

For information on Dutch disability benefits payable under either the EPIS or the SPIS, advise the person to write to:


    Industrial Insurance Administration Office
      (Gemeenschappelijk Administratiekantoor, GAK)
    Postbus 8300
    NL-1005 CA Amsterdam

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