TN 1 (03-99)

GN 01725.125 Eligibility for Dutch Benefits Under the Agreement

A. Policy

The agreement provides that the Netherlands will count a worker's U.S. Social Security coverage, where necessary, in determining eligibility for Dutch Social Security benefits under the NIS, EPIS and SPIS.

1. Retirement Benefit

Since a Dutch retirement benefit is payable to people with as little as 1 year of Dutch coverage, the agreement does not require the Netherlands to count U.S. coverage in determining entitlement to retirement benefits.

However, the agreement does permit certain people to qualify for a higher benefit amount based on the noncontributory coverage credits described in GN 01725.020C. Under the agreement these noncontributory credits are granted to persons who:

  • have credit for a period of Dutch coverage after 1956,

  • are Dutch or U.S. nationals, refugees, or stateless persons,

  • reside in the United States or the Netherlands, and

  • resided in the United States or the Netherlands for at least 6 years after attaining age 59.

Persons who meet these conditions may have their Dutch benefits computed or recomputed using the noncontributory credits.

2. Disability and Survivors Benefits

Although there is no minimum coverage requirement for survivors benefits under NIS or for disability benefits under EPIS or SPIS, the NH must meet the current-coverage requirements explained in GN 01725.020B. in order for these benefits to be payable. Under the agreement, the NH is deemed to meet the current-coverage requirements if he/she has credit for at least 12 months of Dutch coverage, and

  • has credit for at least 4 quarters of U.S. coverage during the 8 calendar quarters ending with the calendar quarter of death or disability onset, or

  • was insured for a U.S. Social Security benefit at disability onset or death.

B. References

  • Dutch benefit eligibility requirements, GN 01725.020

  • Application for benefits under the Dutch agreement, GN 01725.215

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